GS Web Technologies deals with outsourcing technical support and maintenance services to a third-party vendor that assists the products, including desktop computers, software, hardware, cloud-based services, laptops, smartphones, tablets and IT infrastructure services.

The objectives of support technicians vary and they always focus on the smooth operation of computer systems. Their basic tasks are:

 • Repair and replace parts
 • Ensure safety checks on digital equipment
 • Process documentation and reporting
 • Setting up new accounts and passwords
 • Respond to timely call outs
 • New apps testing and evaluation
 • Introduce tech initiatives, knowledge and new app support
 • Remove viruses and malware in computer systems
 • Recover data
 • Conduct customization
 • Hardware, software and apps’ diagnostics, installation, and configuration
 • Resolving issues and customer support through smartphone, online or face-to-face communication
 • Monitoring and maintenance of networks and systems
 • Troubleshooting systems and network issues

Our Creative Maintenance and Technical Support Services Includes:

  • Track and resolve defects
  • Upgrade technology of current apps
  • Implement software change requests
  • Setting up new accounts and passwords
  • Assist in cloud migration
  • Execute quality assurance
  • Recover data
  • Provide reinforcement of needed support
  • Test and monitor performance

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